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The hot water system has gone bang? Have you considered Dux hot water? We’d like to convince you to take a second look at this great Australian brand.

As proud Melbourne Bayside plumbers, we advise that if you’re on the market for an affordable, high quality, reliable and technologically savvy modern hot water brand, why not select an iconic Aussie brand?

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Ezy-Plumb’s Exclusive Dux Hot Water System Review

Did you know Dux Plumbing also has 100 years plus of continuous R&D and manufacturing under its belt? There’s the fiercely technology-proud Japanese hot water giant Noritz under Dux’s bonnet, too, with that brand – Dux’s owner – most renowned for its impressive gas continuous flow water heaters.

You can get Dux-branded continuous flow units, too, as well as everything else you could want in one of Australia’s most impressive hot water product ranges, including:

  • Gas-boosted solar: The EcoSmart range allows you to instantly ‘go green with your hot water solution, based on leading European solar technology made right here in Australia with a 6-Star energy rating. There are electric-boosted options too.
  • Gas storage: You may be more comfortable with a brand new gas storage unit, though, with Dux’s Prodigy range the market leader for first-hour capacity and recovery rates. It’s also got the same footprint as the older 3-Star units … except the latest ones are rated up to 5.3 Stars.
  • Heat pump: A bit like fridge technology … in reverse! Dux’s AiroHeat range is an accessible way to get environmentally friendly, with smaller bills guaranteed and no single solar panel required.

But in our exclusive Dux hot water review, we want to zoom in on what we think is this iconic brand’s great strength. It’s the original, and in many people’s opinion, it’s still the best – the humble electric hot water tank storage range. The twist, however, revealed by the Ezy-Plumb Dux water heater review is how the brand has modernised what many believe is now ‘old’ technology.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the four best things about Dux’s premium ProFlo electric storage range:

1. The Sizes

Two choices? Surely not five options? More than seven choices?! Believe it or not, a ProFlo is waiting for your place, no matter what … thanks to the 9 (yes, NINE!) different sizing options. The 25L will fit in a cupboard, 80L is enough for 2 or 3 people, a 125L version in a special narrow configuration for tight spaces, and you crank the size up to 400L – enough hot water; for an entire football team!

Also available in 50L, 125L standard width, 160L, 250L and 315L.

2. ‘Appliance White’ Finish

Are you used to that standard brownish hot water system colour? Because of their compact size, you can grab a small 25 or 50L ProFlo in ‘appliance white’ – just because it looks so good!

3. The Warranty

Those smaller units mentioned above come with a protective 7-year warranty, which is standard across the competitive Australian hot water market. But if you go for an 80L option or higher, forget about seven years because Dux will give you an entire decade of full protection for your investment. Bravo!

4. Easy Connection

If you’re replacing an old system that went bang and are determined to choose a different brand, Dux has made that switch easier. Not only are the system footprints standard or smaller, but there are connections on both sides of the units to ensure that the guys at Ezy-Plumb won’t have any trouble hooking it up for you. Isn’t that considerate?

Ezy-Plumb Can Install A New Dux For You!

So, have you given Dux enough thought for a stylish, tough, affordable, durable and reliable hot water system? There are so many sizes to choose from, it’s the perfect replacement unit, and every system delivers steaming hot water at full mains pressure. It’s just one of the great brands Ezy-Plumb can get up and running for your hot water installation this week, so why not call our friendly team right now?

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