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Nobody likes a cold shower, so if your hot water system has given up the ghost, you want to get a new one up and running as soon as possible. But here’s the excellent news: Australian hot water systems are not in short supply. Technology has been racing ahead; the options and features could not be more abundant, and now it’s not even difficult to determine the best of the best hot water system brands Australia-wide.

So, without further ado, let’s get your steaming hot water flowing again with a bit of help from our local Melbourne plumbers’ exclusive Australian hot water review. The piece’s focus will be an objective, no-spin look at the best hot water system brands in our amazing country and answer the question: What is the best hot water system brand of all?

1. Thermann

Even if you haven’t heard the name (but we’re sure you have), let’s start with a compelling fact: Thermann began to be small, but it’s now one of the absolute biggest hot water brands in this country. Backed by an established industry giant – Reece – Thermann has managed to get 500,000+ units of Australian hot water service all over the land. Check our Thermann hot water review to find out more!

HOT PRODUCT: Continuous flow, gas, electric, solar, heat pump – take your pick. Our pick of the day is the Thermann Continous flow hot water unit – because reliable units in this category can be hard to find.

2. Rinnai

Although we’re hunting for the best hot water system brands Australia wide, we need to give some credit to the Japanese here – because Rinnai is a genuinely trustworthy name in hot water Australia. But Rinnai has also been here Down Under for more than 50 years, with Rinnai Australia supplying world-class products that are, in many cases, sourced locally. We have reviewed Rinnai hot water systems, so find out more!

HOT PRODUCT: If you’re browsing Australian hot water systems robust enough for our tough conditions, grab a Rinnai – like the Rinnai Infinity hot water units. Forget pressure loss with this continuous flow hot water system that provides hot water when needed – there’s a system here for your family!

3. Rheem

Yes, the first Rheems were Californian-made drums – no lie. But by 1936, Rheem Australia was doing its first Australian hot water service – and now you’ll find rock-solid Aussie BHP steel in your premium selection. Learn more about Rheem in our Rheem hot water systems review.

HOT PRODUCT: Do you want to “Install A Rheem”? Well then, the Rheem range will blow your mind. Our pick of the moment is a real doozie – the Rheem Stellar hot water units range. The premium 5-Star energy-efficient hot water system means your hip pocket is safe, and you’ll never run out of water.

4. AquaMax

If you don’t know about AquaMax, you’ve let an Australian award winner pass you by. Although just an industry baby born in 1988, Moorabbin-based AquaMax hot water systems have focused on two particular product lines – electric tank storage systems and 5-Star gas systems. The result is a hot water system whose design, parts and manufacturing machinery are almost 100% done in-house.

HOT PRODUCT: It’s hard to surpass the brand’s premium Stainless Steel range because it’s so good. For the gas lovers, these main pressure systems can cope even after turning on a second, third and fourth tap.

5. Bosch

Ok, Bosch is a German brand – but Bosch Australia has plenty of Aussie grit too. So much so that the brand generates over $1 billion in revenue in our country alone each year – and employs some 1300 Australians at the factory in Clayton, Victoria.

HOT PRODUCT: Bosch’s Pilot Ignition gas continuous flow systems win the day here because how many options do you have if you’re not connected to electricity? There is no need for a power point and two capacity options – it sounds like a great product.

Let Ezy-Plumb Help Guide Your Aussie Brand Choice

We’ve named five of the best Australian hot water brands – but did you know there are plenty more to choose from? If you’re still struggling to decide, why not get in touch with Ezy-Plumb’s friendly service team, who’ve been supplying and installing hot water systems all over Melbourne’s Bayside and surrounding areas for a long time. Please don’t be shy to pick our brains about even more great Australian hot water systems, so get in touch today.

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