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Deal 5 Blocked Shower Drain

How To Deal With These 5 Blocked Shower Drain Causes

Do you know how to clear a blocked shower drain? It’s one of the most common plumbing problems — but solving that shower blockage depends on these 5 causes.

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7 Natural Drain Cleaner Methods

7 All Natural Drain Cleaner Methods To Try

A blocked drain is a pain — and a lot of people are not keen on harsh drain unblocking chemicals. Try one of our 7 totally natural DIY drain cleaner ideas.

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Unblock Drain (5 DIY Tips)

How To Unblock A Drain Outside (5 DIY Tips)

Do you want to know how to unblock a drain outside? It’s more complicated than an inside drain, but try these steps or get in touch for expert help.

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Simplest Test Cloudy Hot Water

The Simplest Way To Test Your Cloudy Hot Water

A health hazard, a plumbing nightmare ... or nothing to worry about? Cloudy hot water may be worrying, but the explanation could be perfectly clean & clear.

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6 Questions Answered Stormwater Responsibility

6 Questions Answered About Stormwater Responsibility

Who is responsible for stormwater drains? How do the council vs homeowner responsibilities break down, exactly? Here’s 6 questions answered.

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Simple Steps -Lighting Gas Hot Water Pilot Light

Simple Steps For Re-Lighting A Gas Hot Water Pilot Light

If you suspect that your gas hot water pilot light has failed, follow these simple steps to re-lighting your pilot light.

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5 Signs Tree Roots Drain Pipes

The 5 Signs Of Tree Roots In Drain Pipes

Tree roots in pipes is a major plumbing headache. Here are 5 signs to watch for and how to clear tree roots from drains today.

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Gas Leak Emergency

What To Do In A Gas Leak Emergency

Is that leaking gas you can smell? Knowing what to do in a gas leak emergency without panicking even for a second is critical.

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Exclusive Dux Hot Water System Review

Our Exclusive Dux Hot Water System Review

Need a new hot water system? Have you considered a Dux? In our Dux hot water system review, we zoom in on every reason to install one.

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4 Questions Hot Water Temperature Victoria

4 Questions About Hot Water Temperature In Victoria

Did you know your home’s hot water temperature in Victoria needs to be just right — by law? We answer every question you might have about this important topic.

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6 Steps Rheem Hot Water System Troubleshooting

6 Steps For Rheem Hot Water System Troubleshooting

It’s a reliable and well-known brand, but even a Rheem sometimes goes wrong. Our guide to Rheem hot water system problems should help.

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Rinnai Hot Water System Troubleshooting

Rinnai Hot Water System Troubleshooting

Is it time for some Rinnai hot water system troubleshooting? Here’s how to solve Rinnai hot water problems if your unit isn’t in top shape.

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7 Important Questions Hot Water Anodes

7 Important Questions About Hot Water Anodes

How is your hot water system’s sacrificial anode? Here are the 7 most frequently asked questions about hot water anodes.

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Drains Smell? 2 Smelly Drains Solutions

Do Your Drains Smell? Try These 2 Smelly Drains Solutions

If your drain smells like rotten eggs, mould & sewage, you simply can’t ignore it. Try these 2 easy DIY smelly drains solutions.

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Easy, 8-Step DIY Guide Replace Toilet Cistern

An Easy, 8-Step DIY Guide On How To Replace A Toilet Cistern

Does learning how to replace a toilet cistern sound scary or do-able? Either way, our step-by-step guide might just save you.

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5 Hot Water System Brands Australia

The Best 5 Hot Water System Brands In Australia

How can you tell the very best Australian hot water system brands from all the rest? Answer: with our Australian hot water review.

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4 Ways Detect Hot Water Tempering Valve Problem

4 Ways To Detect A Hot Water Tempering Valve Problem

Did you know the difference between a soothing shower and badly scalded skin is your hot water tempering valve? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Size Hot Water System

How To Know What Size Hot Water System You Need

’What size hot water system do I need?’ For hot water experts, it’s a common question, so here’s a guide to sizing hot water systems.

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Rid Drain Flies (4 Easy Ways)

How To Get Rid Of Drain Flies (4 Easy Ways)

Noticed little flies in your bathroom or around your drains? Welcome to your drain fly problem — learn how to get rid of drain flies here.

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5 Factors: Long Hot Water Systems ?

The 5 Factors: How Long Do Hot Water Systems Last?

Hot water systems don’t last forever. We discuss how long hot water systems last and the factors that influence their lifespan.

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4 Common Instant Gas Hot Water System Problems

4 Common Instant Gas Hot Water System Problems

Instant gas hot water system not working? Find out what to do with the 4 most common instant gas hot water issues.

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Drain Snake? 5 Simple Steps!

How To Use A Drain Snake? Here Are 5 Simple Steps!

If the plunger & bi-carb didn’t work, why not see if a drain snake will clear your blockage? Follow our steps on how to use a drain snake!

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6 Common Questions Gas Compliance Certificates

The 6 Most Common Questions About Gas Compliance Certificates

Confused about what a gas compliance certificate is and whether you need one? We’ve taken the time to answer all the most common questions.

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Thermann Hot Water Systems Reviewed

Thermann Hot Water Systems Reviewed

If you don’t think ’Thermann’ when you think ’hot water’, we’re about to change your mind. Here are the 5 technologies powering Thermann hot water systems.

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Choose Posh Tapware? ( Plumbers Review)

Why Choose Posh Tapware? (A Plumbers Review)

When it comes to your taps, do you like them Posh? No, we don’t mean expensive and exclusive, but high-quality Posh tapware that’s well within your reach.

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Choose AquaMax Hot Water Systems?

Why Choose AquaMax Hot Water Systems?

Has your hot water system given up the ghost? Why not try AquaMax hot water systems? Read our review and 4 amazing facts about this exciting Aussie company.

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5 Common Hot Water Issues Winter

5 Common Hot Water Issues In Winter

Does your hot water play up when it’s cold? Plumbing & hot water problems change with the seasons. Read on to find out about 4 hot water issues in winter

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Top 8 Blocked Drains & Stop

Top 8 Causes Of Blocked Drains & How To Stop Them

In this post we have compiled the 8 common causes of blocked drains in homes, while adding the fix and prevention in each case. Prevention is key!

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7 Styles & Types Taps Explained

The 7 Styles & Types Of Taps Explained

If you’re in the market for a tap, it will definitely help to understand the various different types of taps. We think there are 7 tap types, and here they are!

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5 Fast Facts Rinnai Hot Water Systems

5 Fast Facts About Rinnai Hot Water Systems

You see that red logo everywhere, but there’s more to know about Rinnai hot water systems. Read 5 fascinating facts in our Rinnai hot water review.

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