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After a long day at work, you arrive home looking forward to a steamy hot shower, but when you turn the tap on, the water is icy cold! Your hot water unit has died! This is not the ideal situation; however, let’s look at the bright side. Your broken gas or electric hot water system is a golden opportunity … for a brand new, super energy efficient one that suits your home and lifestyle even better! Woohoo!

Before you get too excited about replacing that old, leaky hot water system, it’s time to consider a very important question: gas vs electric hot water – which type of unit should you have installed?

Here at Ezy-Plumb, we want to make that call a little easier. The units themselves are not cheap, and the energy cost has never been more expensive.

So here is our guide to whether gas or electric hot water is right for you.

Gas Vs Electric Hot Water – We Answer All Your Questions!

Q: Is it as simple as choosing a gas or electric hot water system?

A: Not quite. While you’re probably familiar with traditional storage-based gas or electric hot water units, some other types of hot water systems are to consider. Heat pumps are a very energy efficient electrical system that works like a fridge in reverse, but they cost a little more up-front. Solar systems use free energy from the sun and will involve the installation of solar panels on your roof. And tankless or instantaneous systems are small, affordable and very popular.

Q: Will every type of system work for my household?

A: Not really. The right choice for your home, family and lifestyle depends on your property, how you use water daily, and several other factors. Luckily, the hot water system installation experts at Ezy-Plumb are standing by to help with detailed advice based on your situation.

Q: I’ve always had an electric system. Why would I change?

A: With the latest modern range of traditional electric hot water systems, you can continue using electricity to heat your hot water. However, it is essential to consider whether there are more energy-efficient systems to match your lifestyle and budget better. If you do continue with an electric system, make sure you check with your energy retailer to ensure you are on a cheaper tariff for when the system heats the water

Q: Are gas hot water systems different from electric?

A: The concept is the same – Gas hot water systems use a flame to heat water, whereas electric units use an element to heat water. Gas is cheaper than electricity, and you don’t need to worry about peak or off-peak tariffs. Gas is typically more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly in comparison to electricity.

Gas Vs Electric Hot Water – Which One Will You Choose?

If you think you’re ready to make the call about gas vs electric for your hot water needs, congratulations! Steaming hot baths and showers await! However, it may be wise to give the local Bayside Melbourne plumbers at Ezy-Plumb a quick call to discuss:

  • The sources of energy available at your house
  • Whether limited space is an issue
  • The size of your home, family and your daily lifestyle.

We’re more than happy to consider your situation and develop the perfect hot water solution for your property, family and lifestyle, so get in touch today!

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