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There’s no doubt that instant hot water is the big mover in the world of steaming hot baths and showers. And who can blame those who love them, especially when combined with energy-efficient gas technology? They’re small and sleek – bye-bye, massive tank! They’re energy-efficient – no need to keep a big tank full of water warm all day and night! They’re safer and healthier, as there’s no stored water to attract bacteria growth. And, no matter how many showers and baths you take, lovely hot water is always available – you’ll never run out.

But like anything human-made, even the best brands out there suffer from an unfortunate list of common instant gas hot water system problems. Our hot water plumbers here at Ezy-Plumb have compiled a list of the most common things clients, just like you, tell us when they discover their instant gas hot water system is not working.

And here they are:

1. “It’s Not Producing Hot Water!”

Unsurprisingly, the most prominent of all instantaneous hot water system problems is when the water from the showerhead is stone cold.

If that sounds like you, ask yourself this:

  • Is the system plugged into the power? Even if powered by gas, your instant hot water system still needs an electrical outlet.
  • Does your system have a controller? If so, ensure the system is on and set to an appropriate temperature.
  • Do you have gas? The easiest way to do this is to switch on another appliance in your home that uses gas – like the stovetop. If that’s not working, it’s a supply problem rather than a system problem.
  • Have you checked the pilot light? Remember, the pilot will only spark if there is a sufficient water supply, so try turning the hot tap up slightly.

2. “The Water It’s Producing Is Not Hot Enough!”

Even if your system produces hot water, it must be hot enough. If the water is consistently warm, check that the temperature setting hasn’t been turned down. Suppose the temperature shows a temperature that is not matched by reality (and your goosebumps). In that case, the most likely problems are with the system’s thermostat or perhaps the diaphragm, which controls the release of the gas into the burner chamber. If you’ve checked and troubleshot these issues and still got warm water, you might be experiencing a low hot water pressure, and it’s high time to contact your trusted hot water plumber.

3. “The Water Is Hot … Then Cold … Then Hot…”

Sporadically hot water is another major issue that will ruin every shower after a long day. These are the questions to ask yourself:

  • Is it possible a water restrictor in your home is faulty?
  • Is it possible your gas meter is faulty? One common problem is with the meter’s diaphragm, which regulates the consistent flow of gas to your home.

4. “The Water Is Hot, But It’s Coming Out At A Trickle!”

If the flow of hot water from your taps has slowed to a trickle, the problem is probably one of the following:

  • The thermostat is faulty
  • The strainer valve, which removes solids from the water before entering the system, could be blocked.

If your instantaneous gas hot water problems are getting you down, it’s time to cheer up! The gas hot water experts at Ezy-Plumb aren’t just fast, friendly and affordable; they guarantee the quality of their workmanship and always carry all the most common parts for repairs. And if worse comes to worst, they can install a brand-spanking-new hot water system for you in a jiffy. Ezy-Plumb provides hot water services to Bentleigh, Mentone, Balaclava, Caulfield, Murrumbeena, Elwood and anywhere in Melbourne Bayside.

For all of your continuous flow hot water systems problems and more, get in touch with the Melbourne Bayside plumbing experts at Ezy-Plumb today!

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