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Why Choose AquaMax Hot Water Systems?

by | Jul 2, 2020 | Plumbing

“Have you heard of AquaMax?” It’s a phrase more and more great plumbers are asking their loyal clients when their old hot water systems bite the dust.

AquaMax hot water systems may not enjoy the same instant brand recognition of some of its industry peers, but Australia’s top consumer review and comparison service, Canstar Blue, is impressed. Products like the typical AquaMax electric Hot Water System was given a top five-star rating in the crucial categories of effectiveness, reliability, and ease of use, equalling more recognisable brands like Rheem and Rinnai for overall customer satisfaction.

AquaMax Hot Water Systems review – What’s the deal with AquaMax?

At a glance, AquaMax hot water units are just like most of the other top brands, with gas hot water systems, electric hot water systems and continuous flow hot water systems headlining the range. There’s also a premium selection of lighter, greener and easier to maintain stainless steel systems, with prices at the lower end starting at an amazing $400.

In our AquaMax Hot Water System review, we’re going to introduce you to this impressive company that began as a small business in Melbourne in 1988, and run through the top benefits of buying one of these systems for your home or premises.

1. An Aussie first

We bet you didn’t know AquaMax was the first-ever Australian company to put one of its systems – an AquaMax electric hor water system – on the market with a 5-star energy rating and a 10-year warranty.

2. Stainless steel

As mentioned in the introduction, not every modern storage system is made of stainless steel – but you can definitely buy stainless steel AquaMax hot water systems! These sorts of systems are not only very light, they’re perfect for withstanding screaming-hot temperatures and lasting a very long time by resisting corrosion.

3. Purer water

Without getting too technical, ‘anode’ is a type of electrode typically used in hot water systems to drive down the risk of corrosion. But because so many AquaMax hot water systems are made of stainless steel, they do not include anode – which means the water is purer.

4. ‘Green’ credentials

Almost all AquaMax hot water systems achieve at least 5-star energy ratings, which is impressive enough, but the company claims that its range exceeds government standards by a whopping 27%. AquaMax also takes part in a Master Plumbers initiative called GreenPlumbers, which helps to guide plumbers down the ‘green’ road.

So when it comes to a small Australian business that made it big, AquaMax certainly deserves a round of applause. Want to discuss your options about getting one installed by the hot water system experts at Ezy-Plumb? Give us a call today and we’ll pop out to your place and let you know which hot water system type and brand will suit your home, family, lifestyle and budget the best. See you soon!

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