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Question: Who doesn’t enjoy a lovely, hot, refreshing shower or bath at the end of a long day? Answer: Nobody! And what can help guarantee that your shower stays steaming hot time after time? We’ve installed hundreds of Rheem hot water systems Melbourne-wide. This post will share why it’s an excellent choice for your home.

There’s much to like about Rheem gas and electric hot water systems. Firstly, it’s been a brand Australians have loved and trusted since 1936 – and there’s never been a better time to support Australian business.

But most of all, we hope this Rheem hot water system review convinces you that it is an excellent choice for the great products on offer. The quality is top-notch, the systems are super-reliable and energy-efficient, and the best thing? The price will leave a change in your pocket.

Rheem Hot Water Systems Bayside Melbourne

You might not give it too much thought, but all those showers, baths and after-dinner dishes account for 25% of your power bill. That’s a lot of hot water, power, and hard-earned cash – so why not choose the option that makes the most sense for you and your family?

The environment will also be happy when you choose Rheem – and why? That would be because of the company’s reputation for constant innovation, including great water and power-saving electric hot water systems of every imaginable type from Rheem.

Still not convinced that you want to install a hot water system from Rheem? Perhaps these cool facts about this impressive company in our Rheem hot water system review will change your mind:

1. Beat A Drum

Did you know this California-bounded company originally made galvanised steel drums for the petroleum industry?

2. Rheem Brothers

If you didn’t know that, you almost certainly don’t see that a pair of brothers – Richard and Donald Rheem – started the company in 1925. What was it called? Rheem Manufacturing Company, that’s what.

3. Rheem, Or Just Plain Ruud

There’s nothing rude about Rheem, but there’s something ‘Ruud’ about it! In the 50s, Rheem acquired Ruud – the inventors of the gas-powered auto hot water system in 1889.

4. Aussie Drums Too

When Rheem made its Australian debut in the mid-1930s, the company still manufactured those steel drums. A couple of years later, the Sydney-based offshoot was making – you guessed it – hot water systems!

5. A Big Steel Connection

Question: Why did Rheem use BHP steel for its Rheem electric hot water systems in those early years? It’s quite simple: the Aussie mining multinational owned half of Rheem at the time.

6. Is Rheem Really Aussie?

You may have heard the claim that Rheem is Australian – but then you’ve just read here that the company started in California. So what’s the truth? Answer: both! When it reached Australia, the subsidiary was bought out by Australians so that we could claim our own!

Have we convinced you that you should install a Rheem? Luckily, we supply and install Rheem Hot Water Systems Bayside Melbourne-wide (and beyond) – and we can also repair or service your old one if that’s what you need too! To find out what other hot water systems we have in our toolkits right here at Ezy-Plumb, contact our Melbourne Bayside plumbers right now!

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