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10 Answers To ‘Why Is My Water Pressure So Low?’

by | Jun 10, 2022 | Plumbing

There’s plenty of information out there about the very common problem of low hot water pressure – mainly because the issue is almost always confined to a misbehaving hot water system and the purveyor of the information you’re reading simply wants you to buy a new one. Low water pressure across an entire house or property, however, is an entirely different phenomenon – and a lot less widely understood.

Why is my water pressure so low?

Luckily, there are plenty of experts out there who know an awful lot about poor water pressure – because we’re out there every day, dealing with one of the most worrying and disruptive problems for any busy householder. So what do the most experienced plumbers in Melbourne and beyond know about the reasons for a sudden or gradual widespread loss of water pressure at a property?

Well, it could be quite a list of things, such as:

1. Your hot water system

Before doing anything else, just double-check that your property really is experiencing low water pressure across the board – and it’s not just the hot taps that are affected. Because if the cold pressures are good and it’s only in the shower and bath that you’re being subjected to a pathetic dribble, there’s a different set of potential problems you’ll need to consider. And the fix for low hot water pressure could require a hot water system repair or replacement.

2. Your water supplier

If the poor water pressure is across your entire home, don’t do anything before waving down the neighbour and asking if they’re dealing with the same problem. If they are, it’s probably time to call the water supplier – not a plumber.

3. Your area

What that supplier might tell you is that they know all about that loss of water pressure – and that you’ll have to deal with it! If so, ask your plumber about certain water pressure boosting devices and systems that may be able to be installed.

4. Your water controls

We all know about our homes’ mains water tap, so just check that someone hasn’t half-turned it just for a giggle. Also, remember that some properties will have additional water controls downstream of the mains control.

5. Your pressure regulator

Similarly, some properties will feature pressure regulating devices, and they may either be failing or they need to be adjusted.

6. Your pipes could be clogged

While household plumbing blockages are much more common in your drains, that doesn’t mean a more fundamental pipe or series of pipes cannot also become clogged enough to affect your pressure. To investigate this, sophisticated plumbing equipment like CCTV drain cameras will be required to see deep within the vein-like plumbing network.

7. Your pipes could be corroded

Especially if your house’s plumbing is decades old, never forget that even the most durable plumbing materials will degrade, become damaged or corrode eventually. This process can be sped up if multiple additional fixtures have been added to your home since the plumbing was laid, increasing the burden on those original pipes.

8. Your pipes are leaking

That corrosion may cause a leak that affects the water pressure – and, if so, it’s likely to be a serious leak that needs to be detected by a plumber before it becomes more aggravating.

9. Your pipes are shared

Not all abodes are created equal, and that means you could actually be sharing pipes with other properties. If your low water pressure is sporadic or occurs only at certain times of the day, the chances of this being the case are higher.

10. Your fixtures are faulty

If your poor water pressure is affecting both hot and cold taps but not in every fixture, the problem could be with a single or multiple plumbing fixtures with flow issues. With a bit of luck, a good clean-out can be the fix.

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