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What poses the most danger to your plumbing system? You might think it’s heavy machinery, high water pressure, severe degradation and corrosion over time, extreme conditions and other serious events and mishaps that are the most significant problems – and they most certainly are problems! But one of the leading causes of pipe, plumbing & drain blockages and severe damage is often less talked about – so let’s take the opportunity right now to talk about tree roots in pipes.

First up, let’s not blame the innocent trees, ok? Remember, every tree’s root system is simply searching for the most nutrient-rich sources of sustenance. And what could be more inviting than all of that moist pipe, drain and sewer gunk housed in the dark, moist, warm plumbing system environment that lies on just the other side of a tiny pipe crack? Once a single, tiny root creeps its way in, the clock is ticking on it becoming a large and compact tree root mass that can cause all sorts of trouble for your all-important plumbing system, daily life, and hip pocket.

It’s best to act at the earliest signs. If tree roots have blocked your stormwater drainage system and you don’t notice until a large storm hits, serious flooding could occur.

Instead of pointing fingers at the trees, let’s run through what you should watch out for to spot a looming problem with tree roots in pipes:

1. The Right Conditions

Are your plumbing pipes getting old? Are there any big or fast-growing trees nearby? Old pipes, particularly ones featuring plenty of joints, are likely to be laid quite shallow and feature tiny cracks and openings that aren’t a huge deal until they welcome a single offending root.

2. Slow Draining

Suppose your sinks, baths and drains retain water for too long after pulling the plug or hitting the flush button. In that case, everything might be slowed down by a big lump of tree roots that are now tangled up with waste – creating a significant blockage that could ultimately lead to burst leaking pipes, flooding water and more.

3. Sinkhole

If that tree root incursion has opened up a more significant leak into an underground location – let’s say underneath your lawn, which is suddenly also sprouting very healthy-looking green patches – then the saturation effect could create a big sludgy mess on the surface. Next could be the very worrying sight and smell of a stinky drain or sinkhole.

4. Lower Pressure

If those tree roots are massing in the main water line, you might notice that your household water pressure is slowly inching towards a trickle over time.

5. Gurgling Sounds

Tree roots in drain locations can often be accompanied by the distinct gurgling sound of water and waste getting briefly trapped before finding its way through an almost blockage. You have a problem if that’s accompanied by regular blockages, toilet backups, and even pipe-banging sounds.

How To Clear Tree Roots From Drains

Ok, we’ll be honest – your usual white vinegar, hot water & baking soda brew for unblocking a drain is almost certainly not going to chew away sufficiently at a severe tree root blockage. It will be a similar story for harsher, chemical-based drain cleaners, too – meaning you’re likely to have to call in the big guns.

Once the Melbourne drainage plumbers arrive, they will use one or a combination of serious pipe, drain & plumbing system-clearing tools such as:

Need Tree Root Removal? Ezy-Plumb Can Help

A backed-up drain is one thing, but problems delivered to your front and back door by tree roots in pipes and drains can bring your plumbing to a standstill, cost thousands in damage, and give you a headache. Luckily, the guys at Ezy-Plumb are seriously skilled and experienced in fast, affordable, expert drain blockage removal (even tree roots!) – with all the right tools, products and techniques.

How to clear tree roots from drains? It couldn’t be more straightforward than calling the friendly Melbourne bayside plumbers at Ezy-Plumb today.

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