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Spiders, rats, wasps, termites: What do they all have in common? Answer: They’re the pests we tend to worry about the most for obvious reasons. But here’s an extremely common pest that could even be buzzing around your head every day, and you hardly even notice Drain flies. Many people think of them as the annoying and yet harmless little winged bugs hanging around the drains in your bathroom – but should you be worried about them as well?

Firstly, while they’re not going to eat through your home like a termite, or bite you on the toe while you’re sleeping like a spider, think about that name: Drain flies.

  • Are your drains clean, unclogged and hygienic?
  • Do you want dirty little drain-dwelling critters who love stagnant water and sewage buzzing all over your place?
  • Did you realise drain flies can exacerbate your allergies and asthma?

It sure sounds like you should know how to get rid of drain flies before an infestation gets out of hand – and contemplate getting your drains thoroughly cleaned of all the drain gunk and organic material that these mini moth-like insects love to eat and reproduce around.

Drain Flies Melbourne – What To Look Out For

If you’ve just spotted a tiny, moth-like, flying or hopping insect with six legs, fuzzy wings and a pair of ‘feelers’ or antennae, you’ve almost certainly just met a drain fly – mainly if you spotted it (and a few of its buddies) leaping out of your drain.

So what’s next?

1. Clean Your Bathroom

If drain flies are becoming a problem at your place, it could signify that your bathroom is long overdue for a thorough clean. Spotting drain flies in shower or bathroom spaces is most common, typically because these drains get the most bunged up with daily doses of gunk that drain flies love. Getting rid of drain flies will require you to give your bathroom a thorough clean (that can also remove that nasty smell coming from your drains) – and don’t be afraid of a wire brush.

2. Mix Up A Fatal Drain Fly Brew

Did you know that adding water, sugar, vinegar and dish soap together creates a brew that is delicious to drain flies and fatal to them? Place this in a small container near your drain.

3. Boil The Kettle

And no, it’s not quite time for coffee – you have some anti-drain fly business to attend to. Not only will pouring boiling hot water down your drains clean their unwanted guests, but it will also help clear away the drain gunk that these critters love so much. And if you want to take it to the next level, head to the hardware store and invest in a plunger and cheap drain snake to un-gunk and pest-proof your drains.

4. Pay Attention To Your Drains

Now that you know what to look out for, why not drain fly-proof your drains forever? To do that, and therefore vastly increase your chances of waving goodbye to this pest forever, try the following:

  • Get your drains professionally cleared by a blocked drain plumber
  • Clean your drains every month
  • Have a drain inspection once per year.

How To Kill Drain Flies With Ezy-Plumb’s Help

If you’ve concluded that it was probably the gunked-up state of your drains that caused this problem in the first place, it’s time to fix it – fast. Not only can Ezy-Plumb use the latest technology including CCTV drain camera inspections and high-pressure water jetting equipment, to clear your drains of all the gunk that drain flies love so much, but we can also keep coming back to check and maintain all of your drains and pipes going forward.

If you protect your drains, you’re watching your home and family from drain flies – so give the bayside Melbourne local plumbers at Ezy-Plumb a call today, and we’ll ensure your drains are always in tip-top, clear & healthy shape.

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