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It may be annoying and embarrassing, but we’ve all been there before – and probably with our pants down! – when we discover that the ordinarily trusty toilet won’t flush. It seems to happen when you’re in a rush, and a whack on top of the cistern will almost never fix it.

While your cheeks may be red, try not to worry too much when tackling a toilet that is not flushing. It’s probably not a huge problem, especially for our experienced Bayside plumbers in Melbourne.

So whether you’re dealing with a toilet not flushing correctly, a toilet not flushing at all, or a toilet not refilling, gurgling or otherwise misbehaving, here are some potential things that might have gone wrong:

1. Is It The Button?

We all know how to flush a toilet, so maybe your toilet won’t flush because it’s got a broken button. Yours could usually flush with a lever or a chain, so does the normal mechanism for flushing feel the same?

2. Is It The Innards?

If you’re still screaming “My toilet won’t flush!” at the top of your lungs, you may need to open the actual cistern lid. This is usually fairly easy to do, and the mechanisms that lay inside are simple and understandable if you fiddle around a bit. So: can you see anything in there that is worn out, damaged or broken?

3. Where’s The Water?

What you should be able to see with the cistern lid off is water – because this is where that oh-so-helpful H2O is held, ready for you to push the button. If that cistern is as dry as a shallow billabong in the middle of a heat wave, you have a toilet not refilling itself on your hands. Check the water supply is turned on, and other taps are working. If so, you could have a blocked cistern inlet valve that needs replacing.

4. Stop Flushing!

If the big problem is that you have a toilet not flushing properly, or your toilet won’t drain, this is another story. Whatever you do, don’t just keep hammering that flush button and hoping for the best. Why? Because there’s something more annoying than when your toilet won’t flush. And that’s when your bathroom is flooded with toilet water!

5. Is The Toilet Blocked?

If #4 is going on, then a toilet not flushing is not your problem – your toilet is probably blocked! If you’re feeling bold, put on a pair of water-proof gloves and have a little dig around for (ahem) an obstruction.

6. Do You Have A Plunger?

If a wrist-deep bit of fishing didn’t work, the time has arrived for you to find your trusty plunger. Make sure a very good seal is created and put your back into it. Luckily, the blockage will clear, and your toilet not flushing problem could be solved.

But What If Your Toilet STILL Won’t Flush?

Won’t the toilet flush even after trying everything on our list of common toilet problems? It’s probably time to call in the professionals. The toilet repair experts at Ezy-Plumb understand that plumbing problems are always annoying and sometimes even embarrassing, so don’t worry: we encounter troublesome toilets every day! Better still, we offer fixed and upfront pricing for peace of mind and a lifetime labour guarantee, so to get your $55 off today and get your throne back in running order, give the friendly Ezy-Plumb team a call today!

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