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What’s the absolute worst thing you can do in an emergency? The answer is simple: DON’T PANIC! Unfortunately, so many of our minds are programmed to panic by nature and upbringing when we smell that sulphur or rotten egg-like stench that can only reasonably be one thing: leaking gas. In our ‘gas leak – what to do’ guide, we’ll guide you calmly through the best step-by-step process for staying calm, staying safe, and alerting all the right people to your gas leak emergency.

Did you know that gas, created by the natural process involving the decomposition of organic matter deep beneath the surface of the earth, actually has no odour? The gas suppliers add a compound called ethyl mercaptan to the gas supplied to your home so that if it leaks, your nose will detect the stench.

What To Do When There Is A Gas Leak

With the following instructions for what to do in a gas leak when you smell that familiar stench, you should be able to keep yourself, your family, your home and your community safe and sound.

1. Is It Gas?

Before you even resist the urge to panic, ensure your senses aren’t deceiving you. Ask yourself:

  • Can you smell it?: If it’s like sulphur and rotten eggs mixed with garlic, you’re probably smelling a gas leak.
  • Can you hear it?: If enough gas is rushing out of the source of the damaged line, you may listen to hissing.
  • Can you see it?: Those sights and smells may be combined with visible signs of a gas leak like dust or debris being blown. If underwater, you may see bubbles, while gas appliances suffering from a leak may feature discoloured flames.
  • How are your plants?: If a few have mysteriously died, a slow and silent gas leak could be the culprit.

2. Don’t Panic!

Ok, it’s gas. Now, don’t panic! You should be fine if you run through the following steps without missing a beat and ensuring it’s all done as quickly as possible.

3. Turn It Off

Start with the gas supply and the electrical power, remembering that any pilot lights should also be out. Turn off electrical and gas appliances. Make sure any flames, candles and cigarettes are out, and NEVER EVER use a flame of any sort to look for or detect the source of a leak. And to be extra safe, don’t use your mobile phone for now.

4. Ventilate

Disperse any collecting gas by opening every window and door you can find.

5. Call The Right People

So you have a gas leak – who to call first? If you suspect natural gas is somehow escaping from your property, start by calling your gas distributor, with Multinet Gas, Australian Gas Networks and AusNet Services all having fault and emergency lines. If you think your LPG bottles are leaking, dial the number you see on the tank. There is also a gas leaks and emergency services line operating around the clock on 1800 GAS LEAK.

But suppose you’re reasonably sure the leak is after the meter and either on a section of pipe or a faulty appliance. In that case, your friendly local licensed gas plumber offering round-the-clock 24-hour emergency plumbing service is the right person to call.

What To Do In A Gas Leak Emergency – Call Ezy-Plumb!

Remember, not every plumbing service doubles up as an experienced and fully licensed Melbourne gas fitter – but the gas experts at Ezy-Plumb certainly fe bill! Don’t ever forget that even a minor gas leak can be an extremely dangerous proposition, so don’t panic, keep calm and give Melbourne Bayside’s plumbing and gas repair specialists at Ezy-Plumb a call today.

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