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Who doesn’t love a relaxing soak in a steaming hot bath? It can be a little worrying, though, if you’re sitting in a pool of cloudy, hot water rather than the crisp, clear, pure water you’re used to. If you’ve started asking yourself, ‘Why is my tap water cloudy’, we have the answers – and they may surprise you.

Cloudy Hot Water From Tap – What’s That About?

First, let’s make one clear – we’re talking about cloudy HOT water, not the cold water supply. It’s crucial to make that distinction because while cloudy, hot water is very common and not necessarily anything to worry about, white cold water could be a problem with the mains supply itself.

As for why hot water is sometimes cloudy, that’s probably something to do with your hot water system. And while it’s true that you should look into the situation if you’re getting white water from the tap, it’s not necessarily unhealthy. It could just be the result of hydrogen and oxygen – the natural chemical elements that make water H2O – heating up, expanding, and giving trapped particles and molecules look cloudy.

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On the other hand, it could also be something else:

1. A Dirty Aerator

Is there an aerator on the tip of your hot taps? If enough sediment has become trapped in it, the extra pressure could ramp up the bubbles – and turn your water white.

2. Sediment Build-Up

It could also be sediment trapped in your hot water system tank, indicating that you’re due for a professional hot water flush.

3. Natural Phenomenon

Another possibility is that the heating process has resulted in a cloudy appearance – just like a boiling pot on the stove can often result in the same bubble-induced phenomenon.

4. Mains Supply

As suggested earlier, if you’re asking ‘why is my tap water cloudy’ and the problem is replicated in both the hot and cold taps, it could be the mains. Cloudy mains water is particularly common after local water authorities work on a nearby supply pipe.

So while cloudy hot water isn’t something to ignore, it’s not necessarily a big deal. Still, it’s important to get to the bottom of the reasons, if only for your peace of mind – so let’s do a quick and easy test!

  • Find a container, glass, bowl, jar – anything. It just has to be completely transparent.
  • Run the hot tap until it’s fully hot
  • Fill up your container
  • Set it down on a table or bench and observe
  • Is the water in the bottom of the container starting to clear after a decent wait? If so, your cloudiness was simply air, and your water is perfectly safe.
  • Is the water at the top of the container the first to clear? That indicates that the cloudiness is sediment and contaminants, and it’s only starting to clear because gravity is pulling the gunk to the bottom.

Why Is Hot Water Cloudy? Ask Ezy-Plumb

While cloudy, hot water from a tap is not necessarily caused by concern; sometimes, it pays to be sure. And with our fixed & upfront pricing, our 100% satisfaction and lifetime labour guarantees, you’re in crystal clear hands with the Bayside Melbourne plumbers here at Ezy-Plumb. Their fully-stocked van is ready to serve locals and businesses in Bayside Melbourne, including Elsternwick, Elwood, Caulfield North, Brighton East, Caulfield South, Brighton and beyond.

‘Why is my tap water cloudy?’ The real answer is around the corner if you give Ezy-Plumb a call today.

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