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As any household member knows, everyone likes the temperature of their perfect shower or bath to be slightly different. But did you know there are regulations in place in Victoria governing hot water temperature? Let’s dive deeper into your questions about hot water temperature regulations in Victoria wide and what it all means for you, your home, and your family.

1. What’s The Hot Water Tempering Valve For?

Victoria’s hot water tempering valve regulations are based on the Plumbing Code of Australia. This device is installed at the hot water system’s outlet to adjust and control the water temperature for the entire property.

2. What Is The Right Temperature For Hot Water?

You may not give the dangers of hot water much thought, but that’s partly because we’ve all now gotten used to very ‘safe’ hot water temperatures. For the hot water system and its tempering valve and thermostat, it’s a fine line to walk for a lovely hot shower that won’t hurt you because:

  • Stored water must be at least 60°C to prevent the harmful Legionella bacteria
  • But water can only be delivered to the building at 50°C to protect children and other vulnerable people from the severe risks of scalding.
  • And that drops to 45°C for kindergartens, schools, nursing homes and similar facilities involving vulnerable people. Regulation of this temperature requires a thermostatic mixing valve.
  • Delivered hot water temperature for laundries and kitchens is less regulated.

The difference between the stored temperature of 60°C and the typically delivered temperature of 50°C. Still, it can be the difference between a full-thickness scald occurring within seconds and no damage with a short exposure at 45-50°C.

3. How Do You Know The Requirements Apply To You?

It’s essential to recognise that, the differences and exceptions mentioned earlier aside, the Victorian plumbing regulations about hot water safety apply across the board. Instead, the current temperature guidelines apply whenever a new hot water installation goes in or if extensive renovations mean new hot water piping is to be installed.

4. Do You Need To Adjust The Hot Water Tempering Valve?

The short answer here is yes, as hot water tempering valve adjustment is the key method when the hot water heater’s temperature settings cannot easily be changed. As the valve itself simply regulates the mixing in of cold water to ‘temper’ the excessively hot water, it’s usually no more complicated than adjusting a dial.

If you’re having trouble locating or adjusting the tempering valve, you’ll need to consult with a hoer plumber. Also, bear in mind that the typical hot water tempering valve may well fail long before a new hot water system’s warranty is out, so watch out for the following signs:

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