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Blocked Drains Melbourne

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Blocked Drains Melbourne

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The Blocked Drain Cleaning Professionals You Can Trust

A blocked drain isn’t just one of the most common plumbing problems we see all across Melbourne – it’s also one of the most disruptive, inconvenient and unhealthy.


  • Is water draining slowly or pooling?
  • Can you smell a rotting, decomposing drain odour?
  • Are your drains gurgling?
  • Is the water level rising in your toilet?
  • Have you noticed dampness in and around your home?
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Blocked or slow-clearing drains won’t just ruin your day, it’s a fundamental problem that can also cause a big, smelly mess, damage to your floors, possessions and foundations, and bacteria growth that can worsen allergies and even cause illness and disease.

Whether it’s your sinks, toilets, showers or stormwater, Ezy-Plumb can help with fast, professional plumbing services all across Melbourne’s Bayside area and beyond. We guarantee the quality of our workmanship and your satisfaction, we offer fixed & upfront pricing for peace of mind, and every one of our Melbourne blocked drain experts is fully licensed, experienced and friendly.

Melbourne Blocked Drain Experts

Have a flooding backyard when it rains? Your toilet or basin is backing up? Don't fret - our Melbourne plumbing team can help! We’re also available for 24 hours, 7 days a week, for when you need us the most. Trust the Melbourne blocked drain experts!

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Don’t ignore drain blockages in Melbourne!

If you’ve spotted the early signs of a drain blockage, or it’s already completely clogged, this is a problem you don’t want to ignore for a minute longer. Simply give Ezy-Plumb a call today and we’ll send a professional your way … straight away!

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Blocked sink?

Think a backed-up sink is no big deal? If yours is slow to drain or smells foul, letting your sink become completely blocked is not only damaging and unhealthy – it can lead to a burst pipe and a big bill.

stormwater drain
Blocked stormwater?

Extremely common after the latest Melbourne storm or downpour, blocked stormwater can present in the form of pooling water, overflowing gutters – and perhaps damage inside your home and even to your foundations.

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Blocked sewer drain?

A slow-draining toilet is one thing, but a sewer drain blockage can even be a plumbing and health emergency! The last thing you want is wastewater or raw sewage escaping into your home or premises.

Get Your Blocked Drains Fixed Fast!

For up front pricing and a lifetime labour guarantee, call the plumbers Melbourne locals can rely on for fast and friendly blocked drain cleaning services.

Have you tried a touch of blocked drain DIY?

While it may not be a thorough or permanent solution, a touch of blocked drain DIY can get your drains flowing again before the professionals arrive with their skills, technology and know-how.

Have you tried:

  • Physically removing the blockage with rubber gloves?
  • Using a plunger?
  • Pouring boiling water, bi-carb & vinegar down the drain?
  • Buying a drain snake from the hardware store?
  • Using drain cleaning chemicals?

If you’re not confident with plumbing DIY, or the blockage is too stubborn to be cleared with a bit of at-home elbow grease, it’s time to give Melbourne’s drain experts a call. We haven’t just seen every drain problem before, we carry the latest and most specialised professional equipment and know all the tricks and techniques to get your home back up and running in no time.

Powerful Drain Cleaning Tools

Our high-pressure water jetting equipment makes light work of every stubborn blockage, whether it was caused by tree roots, grease or other pipe debris. We can then inspect your drains with high-technology CCTV drain cameras to identify the underlying cause and implement a fast, proper and permanent fix.

Blocked drains aren’t just caused by tree roots, physical objects and gunk build-up. It could also be:

  • Pipe scaling, corrosion & wear
  • Underlying plumbing issues such as installation errors or incorrect pipes
  • System overload
  • Leaks or displaced/collapsed/broken pipes.

Got a blocked drain? Call the drain experts!

If your drains are no longer performing at their best, hesitating to implement a professional fix just puts you at risk of a big mess and damage, health concerns, much bigger repair bills – and a headache for the whole family!

If it’s an emergency, the bayside based local Melbourne plumbers at Ezy-Plumb are on call 24/7. Otherwise, we’ll be at your place at a time convenient to you, offering super-fast response and repair times, workmanship backed up by a lifetime labour guarantee, a free plumbing inspection, and a great fixed price. Say goodbye to your blocked drains today by giving us a call or arranging an online booking.

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How do you clear a blocked drain?

There are a few fast and effective DIY methods to unblock your drains that require no special skills or tools. For instance, have you boiled the kettle lately? If so, pour the lot down the drain and follow it up with half a cup of so of baking soda and perhaps a dribble of vinegar. Wash it all down with another kettle of water and see if that’s worked.

For recurring or stubourn blockages get in touch with our specilist team who'll clear your blocked drain in no time!

Who is responsible for a blocked drain in Victoria?

While local councils manage and maintain the sewer and stormwater drains beyond your front and back gate, and landlords handle the lot if you're renting, blocked drains on a homeowner's property are generally their responsibility alone. This goes for drains inside your home, but also your external or outside drains, too.

How do I know if my drain is blocked?

The clearest and most alarming sign of a blocked drain is standing or even flooding water. But you also need to watch out for the earlier signs, like those familiar foul drain smells, water that's slow to drain away, anomalies like raised toilet bowl water levels, and strange gurgling sounds.

What does a blocked drain smell like?

Anyone who has caught a whiff of that distinctive drain smell is unlikely to want to ever smell it again. That musty, mouldy smell of a bathroom that needs a good clean is just the beginning, because the stench of a blocked drain is actually more like a carton of rotten eggs or even raw sewage.

Is a blocked drain a plumbing emergency?

While a blocked drain is initially just a nuisance, it will only get worse, so you should always get in touch with a great local emergency plumber. A critical blockage poses an immediate risk of property and plumbing system damage, hazards for you and your family, and health risks due to harmful bacteria. So it's most certainly requires emergency attention.


Our regular clients know our commitment to being available whenever we’re needed and reputation for high quality, reliable work that lasts long after we leave. See what customers are saying about our Bayside Melbourne plumbing services and why Melbourne locals recommend us.

I highly recommend the team at Ezy-Plumb, they where quick to respond and helped me with my blocked drain…

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Would highly recommend the team at Ezy-Plumb! They solved our drainage problem in no time. Very reliable and professional.

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Had such a great service from Ezy-Plumb I highly recommend them, they are very helpful and professional…

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