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Thermann Hot Water Systems Reviewed

by | Aug 20, 2020 | Plumbing

Does Thermann ring a bell? When it comes to hot water systems, some other brands may spring into your mind. But we’re here to tell you that none of them out-pace Thermann hot water systems for quality, performance and price.

Ok, so Thermann may be a relative newcomer to the industry, and this may be the first Thermann hot water system review you have read. But don’t let those facts fool you! It’s not for nothing that this is the fastest-growing brand in the Australian and New Zealand markets – and we intend to tell you exactly why.

What’s so great about Thermann hot water systems?

If your old unit has gone bang, or you want to upgrade to something that definitely belongs in the 21st century, Our hot water plumbers will tell you Thermann is a wise choice.

In a world that’s all about outsmarting the competition with efficiency and innovation, ladies and gentlemen – we have a winner! Our research tells us that when Thermann was looking to enter our market, they identified the industry dominators – and then made something better and cheaper.

How exactly did they do that with the Thermann hot water systems that are currently on the market?

1. Thermann’s continuous flow or ‘instant’ hot water systems

thermann continuous flow hot water systems

What are they?: Small, sleek and tidy, these are the units you see on the sides of houses without storage tanks. They’re energy-efficient and you won’t run out of water.

The Thermann version: If you’re looking to max out in the area of long life, how does a whopping 12-year warranty sound? The Thermann range is also extremely impressive, with units ranging from 16 all the way up to 26 litres to suit every family.

2. Thermann’s storage tank hot water systems

storage systems

What are they?: Think ‘hot water system’, and one of these storage tanks – powered by gas or electricity – is what pops up in your mind.

The Thermann version: Beautifully hot water kept at 50 degrees is ready for your shower and bath when you are. You can get up to a 10-year warranty with one of these impressive units, and the range really is amazing – from a teeny tiny 25 litres to a massive 400 litres.

3. Thermann’s heat pump technology

heat pumps

What are they?: It looks like a traditional storage tank system – with some extra bits. The way it works is similar to a fridge, only in reverse. This technology is highly efficient as it doesn’t mainly use a power source to do the heating – it uses the heat that is already in the air all around us.

The Thermann version: This company really is maxing out the efficiency potential of this exciting technology kind, because for every kWh of energy that goes in, you get 4kHw of heat out of your shower head. That makes them an amazing 74 percent more efficient than a conventional system.

4. Thermann’s solar hot water systems

thermann solar hot water systems

What are they?: If heat pump technology is efficient, solar really is the next level. There is nothing more free than the energy provided by our amazing sun, and thanks to 50 years of technological development in this area now, solar hot water is not only reliable, it’s not even too expensive.

The Thermann version: We’ve told you about 10 and 12-year warranties … well, Thermann has something very special for its solar systems – 15-year warranties! This company is also on the cutting edge with its ‘active tracking’ feature, which means you’re collecting heat at more times of the day.

5. Thermann’s commercial hot water systems

thermann commercial hot water systems

What are they?: If you need a lot of hot water, you’ll need one of Thermann’s big boys!

The Thermann version: No matter your business or commercial enterprise, Thermann has you covered. The pick of the commercial range is the 50-litre continuous condensing unit, which is the only type on the market in Australia.


If you read the marketing material, Thermann gives you the ultimate hot water experience with quality that always performs – and we can vouch for that. We’re super impressed with this brand that uses smart innovation to build on proven technology, and if you’re in need of Bayside Melbourne plumbing it would be our pleasure to install one for you at a great price.

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