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Water Leak Detection Melbourne

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Water Leak Detection Melbourne

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Leak Detection Experts in Melbourne

Unfortunately, water leak detection is rarely a case of simply following the mess and plugging up a hole. While it’s true that some leaks are easier to find and not much more complex to fix, most of the call-outs we receive for Melbourne water leak detection are for issues that are well hidden and even more inaccessible, located in walls, floors, slabs, roofs, gardens and other troublesome spots.

In other words, the leak detection services you often require are for problems that are extremely difficult to locate and just as tricky to put right.

Luckily, Ezy-Plumb’s professional local plumbers are the masters of expert and affordable leak detection in Melbourne! We specialise in all sorts of concealed water leaks, whether your problem is a simple one or a highly complex one, and in any domestic, commercial or industrial setting.

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Expert water leak detection services

While a burst pipe or water leak is not always a dangerous nightmare, sometimes it really is an absolute emergency. And we’re not just talking about a big mess, but a major risk to your property, family, business or even local community.

But even what may appear to be a minor issue could be:

  • Doing huge amounts of damage behind the scenes
  • Risk developing into a major problem over time
  • Be racking up hefty bills
  • Creating an unsafe environment for your family or staff.

What to do about it? Ezy-Plumb has developed a highly effective services for detecting water leaks. Delivered by the most skilled of workmanship, the latest and most state of the art equipment, the friendliest of customer care, and a great price every time.

Types of leaks detected include:

  • Shower leaks
  • Underground leaks
  • Water pipe leaks
  • Leaks in appliances or fittings
  • And so much more.

Our advanced leak detection strategies, technology and experience mean Melbourne residents and business people just like you stand to save thousands in repairs, assets and bills – not to mention millions of litres of wasted water. Rest assured, we’ve seen your particular problem before and know exactly how to deal with it quickly.

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

You’ve no doubt watched the news and seen thermal imaging used by the police to discover where crooks are hiding! This technology can also be used in your home to find hidden plumbing leaks and issues.

Not every leak is as obvious as dripping water taps. With thermal imaging we can find leaks in walls or under concrete without removing plaster or cutting into slabs. Using a plumber without leak detection equipment can mean wasted time and unnecessary mess without precisely knowing where a hidden leak is.

Why Choose Us?

We use simple, effective and technologically advanced leak detection techniques, carried out by only the best and most highly trained and experienced local plumbers who arrive on time, clean up their mess, and never charge a callout fee.

Our water leak detection services also include:

  • $55 off every job
  • Fixed, upfront pricing
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Lifetime labour guarantee
  • And so much more.

So if you suspect a potentially damaging or dangerous water leak may be lurking at your place, or an obvious leak simply needs repairing quickly and affordably, don’t hesitate to call Ezy-Plumb’s friendly team around the clock for service and advice.

water leak detection in melbourne

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As a builder I have been using Ezy – Plumb for all our projects. Petros and his team are professional, honest, reliable and are always up for the task at hand. You get what you pay for.

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Would highly recommend the team at Ezy-Plumb! They solved our drainage problem in no time. Very reliable and professional.

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Leak detection in bathroom as moisture was seeping through brick wall. Job was done promptly and efficiently.

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