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Hot Water Systems Installation & Replacement

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Hot Water Systems Installation & Replacement

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The Hot Water Professionals You Can Trust

When you need hot water fast, trust the professionals at Ezy-Plumb to get your water heater repaired or replaced. Don’t suffer longer than you have to without hot water in your home; as soon as you discover you have a problem, call Ezy-Plumb on 0402 169 096 and we will send out one of our experts at a time convenient to you.

We can show you all the water heating options available to suit your home, family, lifestyle and budget, and can help to answer any questions you may have about options such as continuous flow water heaters where you never run out of hot water.

With both gas and electrical licences, our plumbers can replace hot water systems without the need to call an electrician, saving you even more money!

Melbourne Hot Water System Experts

Did you know that hot water accounts for some 30% of your home electricity bill? That’s a lot of money, and a great reason to consider asking the friendly Melbourne hot water plumbers at Ezy-Plumb about a brand new, energy-efficient hot water system that suits your budget, lifestyle and home.

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Get Your Hot Water System Fixed Once, and Fixed Right

It has been said by some that hot running water is the true marker of a civilised society, going all the way back to Roman times. But when your little slice of civilisation breaks down or plays up, don’t you panic, call Ezy-Plumb instead! Our Expert local plumbers repair any water heating system. We have the know-how to fix every make and model, including yours. Don’t go without the comforts of civilisation for any longer than you have to.

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Electric Hot Water System
Is your electric hot water on the blink and you need a swift and affordable repair? Need a new electric hot water system installed? Do not hesitate and give us a call!
Gas Hot Water System
Fancy upgrading to comfy, efficient and affordable gas? At Ezy-Plumb, we repair, replace and install the full range of top-quality gas hot water system!
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Undersink Hot Water
Time for an under sink hot water unit? These innovative, neat and nifty systems give you a great point-of-use option for steaming hot water at the sink above.

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Defuse The Time Bomb Of A Damage Hot Water System

Depending on the type of system and the severity of the damage, a hot water fault can represent a very serious threat to you and your family. The most important thing to remember is to never attempt to repair your hot water unit yourself. They are connected to either the gas or electricity mains in addition to being massive reservoirs of scalding hot water. Our technicians have trained for years to ensure they are properly qualified to handle these dangerous repairs or even complete hot water system replacements. Take advantage of their dedication at any time, 24 hours a day; call our emergency line and we will be on our way to your Bentleigh or Moorabbin property. That’s our promise to you.

Calling On The Experts Will Save You Money

Some homeowners, faced with expensive hot water repairs, might be tempted to skimp out on our premium brand of service and hire a less credible repair company. But by doing something like this you’re actually short-changing yourself in the long run; heater units are meant to last a long time, and the life of your cut-price repair is unlikely to run the remaining life of the unit. That means that before long you’ll be paying again for another repair, or sometimes a whole new heating system. And that’s not even considering the risks of dodgy, unqualified service and the loss of efficiency that inexperienced technicians can bring.

Ezy-Plumb is qualified to install and replace both gas hot water systems and electric hot water systems. So whether your beloved hot water system has finally given up, or if you just want to install a brand-new system, we have the know-how to properly install it for you. Having professionals install your hot water system is an investment that will save you money for years to come, whether you are located in Melbourne, from Bentleigh-East to Sandringham.

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Make the smart choice; when your hot water system experiences an inconvenient failure, call Ezy-Plumb for services in Bentleigh, Bentleigh East, Moorabbin, Highett, Brighton and beyond. The number is 0402 169 096, so whatever time of day or night your problem or emergency may be, we’ll be there for you in a hurry.


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How much does it cost to replace a hot water system?

How long is a piece of string? That's a similar question to 'how much is a hot water system' - simply because the market is technologically diverse and highly competitive. A simple storage tank replacement will start from $1000 installed depending on the size, but if you're replacing a gas hot water system the unit will be more expensive. A solar system is several thousand dollars but you may get rebates.

What is the most efficient hot water system?

Electric systems are getting more efficient all the time, and gas is slightly more efficient than traditionally powered units. However, the most efficient hot water systems of all are innovative fridge-in-reverse heat pumps or a solar setup that uses free energy from the sun to heat your bath or shower.

What are the different types of hot water systems?

In Australia, we could hardly be more spoiled for choice when it comes to types of hot water systems. There are ultra-efficient modern electric units. Happy with your tankless system or looking to upgrade to space and power-saving instantaneous technology? Both are available in gas, too, but consider stepping it up a notch with 'green' heat pumps and solar systems.

Get in touch for advice on the best type of hot water system for your home or business.

What is the cheapest form of hot water?

If the lowest possible ticket price is what you're looking for, electric tank-based systems still win the day. But gas options are not far behind and they're slightly cheaper to run, whilst a heat pump or solar setup will eventually work out the cheapest with those super-low running costs.

How long should a hot water tank last?

While hot water system lifespan and warranties are typically around the 6-10 year range, you'd be quite unlucky to have to replace your new system before then. Instantaneous units, however, should be expected to last up to 20 years, while gas and instantaneous systems typically have longer lives than standard electric tanks.


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