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High Pressure Water Jetting Services

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High Pressure Water Jetting Services

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High Pressure Water Jetting: Clears Drains Immediately!

Clogged pipes, drains and other aspects of your all-important plumbing system aren’t just a pain in the neck. Your home, your property, your foundations, your health & safety, and your hip pocket are all at risk too. Luckily, nothing is more effective and less disruptive than ultra high pressure water jetter technology – and Ezy-Plumb can help you out with that today!

Melbourne Bayside’s best 24-hour emergency plumbers deliver world-class water jetting services across the entire region. Why should you consider it for your next plumbing blockage?

  • It’s fast
  • It’s thorough
  • It’s affordable
  • It’s non-destructive
  • It’s good for the environment.
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What’s not to love? Caustic cleaners, plumbing augers, destructive excavation and other traditional methods for unblocking troublesome pipes have all been outdone by one of the most impressive technological advances of the 21st century plumbing industry. And it almost couldn’t be simpler.

Minimal mess, minimal fuss and slashed expense is all good and well, but tens of thousands of PSI of ultra high pressure water jetting power does even more than that. The inside surface of every pipe, drain or other aspects of your critical plumbing infrastructure won’t just be unclogged – it will be scoured so clean with a high sheen, repelling more caked-on pipe gunk for years to come.

Wether you call is a jet rodder, drain jetter or water jetter one thing is for sure. At Ezy-Plumb, our highly trained plumbers are not only experts in clearing Melbourne blocked drains, but also specialists in affordable water jetter services use only the best, latest and most powerful equipment. Our water jetting gear will snake deep down into the furthest nooks and crannies of your plumbing system to blast hot and protective water at incredible pressures of well in excess of 4,500 PSI to make light work of every obstruction.

With the best equipment, we can clear any blocked drain in Melbourne!

Melbourne Blocked Drain Experts

Have a flooding backyard when it rains? Your toilet or basin is backing up? Don't fret - our Melbourne plumbing team can help! We’re also available for 24 hours, 7 days a week, for when you need us the most. Trust the Melbourne blocked drain experts!

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Get Your Blocked Drains Fixed Fast!

For up front pricing and a lifetime labour guarantee, call the plumbers Melbourne locals can rely on for fast and friendly blocked drain cleaning services.

Why Choose Ezy-Plumb’s Water Jetting Expertise?

We’re always on the road with fully-stocked vans full of all the best professional plumbing gear – including our highly popular water jetters which are:

Fast: We’re not just talking about the mind-boggling speed of that powerful stream of hot water, but how quickly your blocked-up problem can be resolved.

Thorough: Where a professional plumber’s auger may be powerful, it’s also crudely destructive – and it may not even be effective on the most stubborn or complex of clogs. In contrast, the inside of pipe walls subjected to water jetting technology will be left with a high sheen that is resistant to scaling & build-up.

Versatile: Any pipe, any drain, any stormwater system – any aspect of your plumbing system at home and work. All that’s needed is a single access point, and the function of that pipe will soon be as good as brand new.

Accessible: In the past, a plumber would all too often tell you this – ‘That will have to be dug up’. The ultra high pressure water jetter, however, simply goes where your existing pipes are, so there’s never any need for disruptive and destructive excavation.

Powerful: Power a motorised auger may pack, but the further the head gets from the motor, the less power it packs. That problem is eliminated with the water jetter, because it can keep on snaking and the power is always wherever the specialised nozzle is.

Successful: A caked-on blockage, a tough single obstruction, a tree root hidden deep in a dark corner of your plumbing system. None of them will escape the perfectly-channelled power of the water jetter for the most reliable results every time. We’ll even do a drain camera inspection to ensure the job is done right.

Try Bayside Melbourne’s best plumber for water jetting

At Ezy-Plumb, our friendly Melbourne Bayside plumbers know exactly how disruptive and expensive those common sink sewer and stormwater drainage and other plumbing problems can be. That’s why we always champion the simplest, most affordable and most effective solutions – like our locally-renowned water jetting services.

Keen to give it a try? We back up all of our workmanship with upfront pricing and a quality guarantee – so what have you got to lose? Experience the unprecedented power and convenience of environmentally-friendly ultra-high pressure water jetting by giving Ezy-Plumb a shout today.

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How do you clear a blocked drain?

There are a few fast and effective DIY methods to unblock your drains that require no special skills or tools. For instance, have you boiled the kettle lately? If so, pour the lot down the drain and follow it up with half a cup of so of baking soda and perhaps a dribble of vinegar. Wash it all down with another kettle of water and see if that’s worked.

For recurring or stubourn blockages get in touch with our specilist team who'll clear your blocked drain in no time!

Who is responsible for a blocked drain in Victoria?

While local councils manage and maintain the sewer and stormwater drains beyond your front and back gate, and landlords handle the lot if you're renting, blocked drains on a homeowner's property are generally their responsibility alone. This goes for drains inside your home, but also your external or outside drains, too.

How do I know if my drain is blocked?

The clearest and most alarming sign of a blocked drain is standing or even flooding water. But you also need to watch out for the earlier signs, like those familiar foul drain smells, water that's slow to drain away, anomalies like raised toilet bowl water levels, and strange gurgling sounds.

What does a blocked drain smell like?

Anyone who has caught a whiff of that distinctive drain smell is unlikely to want to ever smell it again. That musty, mouldy smell of a bathroom that needs a good clean is just the beginning, because the stench of a blocked drain is actually more like a carton of rotten eggs or even raw sewage.

Is a blocked drain a plumbing emergency?

While a blocked drain is initially just a nuisance, it will only get worse, so you should always get in touch with a great local emergency plumber. A critical blockage poses an immediate risk of property and plumbing system damage, hazards for you and your family, and health risks due to harmful bacteria. So it's most certainly requires emergency attention.


Our regular clients know our commitment to being available whenever we’re needed and reputation for high quality, reliable work that lasts long after we leave. See what customers are saying about our Bayside Melbourne plumbing services and why Melbourne locals recommend us.

I can not recommend more highly Petros and the extended team at Ezy-Plumb. They went above and beyond in fixing my not-so-easy-in-the-end plumbing problem…

Steve Smith

I highly recommend Ezy-plumb. Petros was great. Easy to contact and reliable. Work was quality and completed before expected. Thanks.

Chelsea Odham

The guys from Ez Plumb were great. I’ve used them twice now to help unclog a pipe which has broken and regularly gets tree roots grow through it…

Brett Money

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