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Burst Pipe & Water Leak Repair Melbourne

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Burst Pipe & Water Leak Repair Melbourne

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Burst Pipes & Water Leaks Fixed

When it comes to problems with your plumbing at home and at work, there’s hardly anything that compares with the headache, inconvenience and potential damage done by a burst pipe or major water leak.

All of us enjoy the use of showers, taps, toilets and other plumbing fixtures every single day. Unfortunately issues from leaking taps through to major leaks and plumbing emergencies are sometimes just a reality.

When you are faced with water leaks in Melbourne, whether it’s a big, small, residential or commercial job, you can trust the Melbourne Bayside plumbers at Ezy-Plumb to do a prompt, efficient and honest job.

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How to detect water leaks

  • Is water pooling in the garden?
  • Are drips coming from the ceiling?
  • Is mould growing in your home?
  • Are you noticing wall dampness or discolouration?
  • Is your water meter spinning when the taps are off?
  • Can you notice a damp, musky smell?
  • Is your water pressure inconsistent?
  • Can you see dampness accumulating around walls?
  • Do you hear hissing or spraying sounds?
  • Are your water bills higher than usual?

It sounds like you could have a problem with leaking pipes!

Burst Pipes & Leaks: What To Do

If you do suspect you could be dealing with burst or leaking pipes, find the main tap for your home’s water supply and turn it off – and consider calling Ezy-Plumb’s 24/7 emergency plumbing services on 0402 169 096 right now. We’ll be there right away, and we can deal with a host of other common and leaky problems too!

  • Leaking toilet repairs: The trickling can be annoying, the floor may be slippery and your water bills may be on the rise – it’s definitely time to stop worrying about that leaking toilet. In most cases a leaking toilet can quickly be repaired by replacing some parts stocked in our plumbing vans.
  • Leaking hot water systems: A leak in or from your hot water system may not seem like a big deal, but ignoring it could mean a cold shower, a busted system and an even bigger bill for the damage it causes.
  • Leaking taps: Leaking or dripping taps tend to be one of those little jobs we put on the back burner, but it’s so easy to rack up a hefty water bill and cause more damage than is necessary by nipping it in the bud early. You may be able to stop the leak by replacing a tap washer or just get in touch for a quick and professional fix.

Have you noticed water hammer, or your pipes banging together and becoming noisy? That’s an early sign that it’s time to give the professional leaking pipes specialists at Ezy-Plumb a call. It could avoid you a much bigger repair bill and even a flooded house in the near future!

So whether water is spurting from an obviously broken pipe, or you think a minor leak could be doing damage behind the scenes and driving up your water bills, water leaks are definitely something you cannot afford to ignore.

Why Choose Ezy-Plumb?

Ezy-Plumb are Melbourne and the Bayside suburbs’ favourite local plumbers when it comes to honest, trustworthy plumbing services for drips, leaks, burst pipes and disastrous midnight emergencies that need attending to immediately! We implement highly skilled leak detection techniques with the help of all the latest know-how, training and equipment to detect and then repair even the most difficult-to-find leaks. For you, that means getting your home back up and running faster, with a lower bill and any damage kept to a minimum.

Ezy-Plumb’s burst pipe and water leak services all include:

  • Fixed and upfront pricing
  • No call-out fee
  • $55 off every leaking pipes job
  • Lifetime labour and satisfaction guarantee
  • Fully licenced local plumbers

Do you need Ezy-Plumb’s assistance with burst or leaking pipes? Give us a call right now!

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Our regular clients know our commitment to being available whenever we’re needed and reputation for high quality, reliable work that lasts long after we leave. See what customers are saying about our Bayside Melbourne plumbing services and why Melbourne locals recommend us.

Ezy-Plumb did a wonderful job on our burst water system and pump. Petros was polite, efficient and knew what he was doing. I would recommend this company again.

Sarah Simon

Needed a plumber straight away as burst pipe caused flood in my kitchen. Thank god for Petros from Ezy-Plumb for coming only 25 minutes from my call…

Jade Sammut

Hands down one of the best plumbers I’ve seen. Good with his job, reliable and always on time. What I like about Petros is he takes pride in his work…

Daniel Lembesis


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