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Do you have enough Posh in your life? The Queen is posh, and posh restaurants are super-expensive – but we’re not talking about that. We’re talking about Posh – an offshoot of the highly reputable Aussie plumbing and bathroom brand Reece. Posh, though, is a little bit different, and in this Posh tapware review, we want to explain exactly why.

Since 1993, Posh tapware has been living in countless thousands of Australian homes – and for very good reason. While a posh restaurant may only be for a very special occasion, and speaking with a Queen-like posh accent takes years of elocution lessons, Reece Posh tapware is designed to bring a little posh flair to your everyday life – each and every day.

First up, it’s important to point out that while Posh may be a new brand to you, it’s extremely likely that you’ve turned on one (or 10 or more) Posh taps in your life. That’s because it’s a brand that has earned its place in the recommendations of plumbers all over Australia, including the expert Melbourne plumbers at Ezy-Plumb.

Experience: Posh has been around for 25 years.

Design: Posh designers aim to make beautiful products that suit YOU. No matter the age, style or layout of your home, Posh will fit right in.

Value: It may be a Posh brand, but there are no posh prices here. Just top-notch quality at a price that every family can afford.

Range: It’s the Posh range, though, that will really impress you. In fact, Posh’s range is so broad and flexible that four different sub-brands had to be created to differentiate them.

Whether you are replacing leaking taps or renovating a bathroom, Posh tapware is a great choice!

1. Domaine

Domaine is where everyday functionality meets innovation. Yes, you want your hard-working taps to work hard for your busy and demanding family. But that functionality is brilliantly combined with a beautiful modern design that is also truly flexible, allowing you to mix, match and personalise your space.

2. Solus

It’s the depth of the Solus range that really impresses. All too often, once you select a brand, there’s just not enough to choose from that really suits you. But with Solus, every product is timeless, every product works, and every product works with the rest of the products. It’s the way to get the space of your dreams.

3. Bristol

If the word ‘posh’ puts you off a little, then let us explain the idea behind Bristol to you. If you want a bathroom that’s easy to live in with no fuss, you need to explore this range. The products, whilst looking modern, are great for the aesthetically-minded to chill out, perfect for a dirty and heavy-handed plumber to clean off after a tough day, and they’ll handle anything the kids throw at them too – year after year after year.

4. Canterbury

But maybe it’s not the word ‘posh’ that turns you off – maybe it’s the word ‘modern’ that makes you cringe. If so, welcome to Canterbury, where the beautiful best of the old is brilliantly brought into the 21st century. If you want your space to nod to those old classical designs you love so much, you can create a brand new heritage bathroom whilst still enjoying the quality and efficiency of today.

So there you have it: a Posh tapware review that hopefully helps to make you love this brand as much as we do. And guess what? Ezy-Plumb’s fully stocked vans are full of Posh products as we zip all over Melbourne’s Bayside area and beyond. Looking for the types of taps that will suit your life? Fancy a bit of Posh tapware? Get in touch today!