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7 All Natural Drain Cleaner Methods To Try

by | Jun 6, 2022 | Plumbing

Toilet water rising? Sink or bath water slow to drain away? Smelling or hearing something that’s definitely not right when all you want is to get rid of that waste? The only thing more frustrating than a blocked drain is having to go through the pain of finding a trustworthy and affordable local plumber to come and fix things up in a timely manner – and you’d rather not start pouring expensive and potentially harmful chemicals down the drain with your fingers crossed. If only there was a natural drain cleaner that could do the trick.

Keen to try a homemade drain cleaner?

Well, you’re in luck! The chemical companies (and, let’s face it, most plumbers) definitely don’t want you to know that there are super-simple ways to create your own home made drain cleaner without needing dangerous and polluting chemicals that can hurt the environment, your skin and even your lungs. And some of our natural DIY drain unblocker tips really could surprise you:

1. Water

Take, for example, our first DIY drain cleaner – pure H2O. Sure, just running the cold tap obviously isn’t doing the trick, but if it’s just a few degrees beneath boiling point, it can be potent. That’s especially the case for a lot of things that clog up bathroom and kitchen sinks, like soap and grease.

2. Soda & salt

Supercharge that almost-boiling water just a little bit with half a cup of salt and another half-cup of baking soda for an effective natural drain cleaner. All you need to do is pour it all in and then go and have a quiet coffee. Once you return, pour another kettle of boiling water down there and you might just be amazed that natural chemicals can be very effective at chewing up drain gunk.

3. Soda & vinegar

If you love fish and chips, you already had salt in the cupboard – and chances are you also have white vinegar too. But as well as being delicious, it too is very effective when combined with baking soda. Miss a third of a cup with another third of a cup of baking soda, pour it down and chill out for half an hour. Wash it all down with boiling water and marvel at the extra bonus of a sweet-smelling drain.

4. Supercharged mix

Go back over every natural ingredient we’ve mentioned above – and mix it all up in a powerful natural brew. Use the same approximate quantities and wash it all down with boiling water.

5. Yeast

If you’re into baking, obtaining a couple of packages of yeast won’t be a difficult taste. Pour two packages down the drain, follow up with half a cup of salt and a full cup of boiling water. Wait for up to an hour and rinse it down with that trusty boiled kettle.

6. Coat Hanger

We didn’t say our blocked drain DIY would only involve natural ingredients – but a wire coat hanger isn’t too far away from natural and it’s also completely harmless. Fashion it into a fishing hook and see how much of that bunged up gunk you can ‘catch’.

7. Dish Soap

Dish soap, on the other hand, isn’t natural – but it’s already under the sink so let’s give it a try. Sure, it may not seem like it’ll be much of a help, but it’s worth a try. Squirt a significant amount into the drain (don’t be stingy!), wash it down with boiling water – and if it works, you’ll almost certainly have cured that foul drain smell, too.

DIY fail? Ezy-Plumb will bail you out!

How did you go? If you had only partial success, of your natural drain cleaner of choice simply didn’t work at all, don’t be too surprised. Professionals like the experienced and fully-licensed team at Ezy-Plumb use highly specialised products, tools, equipment and techniques that will unblock drains Melbourne wide – no matter what’s gone wrong with it!

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