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6 Common Causes of Low Hot Water Pressure

by | Mar 23, 2020 | Plumbing

When a long and hard workday is over and you’ve shivered your way home, there’s almost nothing on earth better than a steaming hot shower or bath. But what if you turn the tap and all you are met with is a pathetic dribble of warm water? Low hot water pressure is never met with a smile, and it could have you scratching your head rather than relaxing in the tub.

It’s a good job you have Ezy-Plumb’s number on the fridge because there’s no one better in Melbourne’s Bayside area at diagnosing and fixing all kinds of plumbing problems – including pesky low hot water pressure.

But before you start dialling, we thought we’d share some of our experience and knowledge when it comes to common low hot water pressure problems. So here are 6 things that may have gone wrong:

1. Blocked pipes

If your hot water pressure has ground almost to a halt, it’s probably the hot water system. But actually, the problem could be elsewhere – such as in your pipes.

A leaking hot water system can reduce pressure, especially if it’s an old unit. But even more likely is that pipes or outlets have become blocked up with gunk, sediment and debris.

2. A tap problem

Another non-hot water system cause of low hot water pressure is a problem with your actual tap or showerhead.

So if the pressure is only dismal in the shower, or it’s isolated to a single tap, that’s probably the culprit and you can start replacing your tap washer.

3. Sediment

As we said above, sediment can build up in your pipes and really mess with the water pressure. And if your hot water system has lasted for years, chances are more sediment are starting to build up.

If the low hot water pressure is consistently low all over the house, you may have found the problem. But there’s good news – a good local plumber (wink wink) can flush your system easily and cheaply.

4. Dodgy plumbing

Did expert hot water plumbers do your installation or maintenance? If not, it’s entirely possible that a pretty dodgy job is the reason for your low hot water pressure.

One of the problems we see quite often is that a plumber who doesn’t really know what they’re doing combines pipes with different diameters – and along with other problems this could cause, one of them is incorrect pressure.

5. A valve

But chances are, the issue you’re having with your pressure is the hot water unit itself. One of the easiest problems to fix is a valve that isn’t closed all the way.

So, if the cold water pressure is normal but your hot water pressure leaves a lot to be desired, take a look at your system and start hoping for a very straightforward fix!

6. A filter … or two

Another problem we see a lot is with the various filters on the hot water system. Both the inputs and the outputs have them, and it may actually be possible to just clean them out.

If there are other problems with your hot water system, we can fix you up with repairs, full replacements and installation as well – and all at the best possible local prices.

So no matter why you’re hot water pressure is getting you down, there’s a great reason to cheer up – and our name is Ezy-Plumb! We offer fixed, upfront pricing and a lifetime labour guarantee – and we can even get out to your place 24/7 if there is a plumbing emergency. Get in touch with our expert plumbing team today.

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