The Moorabbin Plumbers Helping You with All Your Plumbing Needs

Whether you’ve got a leaky tap in Moorabbin, an overflowing faucet in Mentone, or a shower that only does icy-cold, you’ll want the help from an expert plumber – and quick.


Ezy-Plumb is Mentone’s trusted plumbers, helping businesses and homes alike keep their pipes tight and their water flowing. We bring customer care, expert workmanship, and affordable prices across Moorabbin and Melbourne.


Emergency plumbing in Moorabbin and Mentone

Are you finding yourself in an emergency plumbing situation? Day or night, our emergency plumbers will help you. Give us a call on 0402 169 096 for immediate service, 24/7. We help businesses and homes deal with plumbing and gas emergencies so that you and your property stays safe.


When the emergency strikes, it’s important to get an expert to assess the extent of the problem, and who knows how to fix it. Dealing with an emergency yourself can lead to serious harm, from small property damages, through to scalding injuries and explosions. Contact us on 0402 169 096 and we’ll travel out to your property, no matter the hour, no matter the day.


Our services


We can help you with problems such as:


  • New plumbing installations
  • Emergencies
  • Maintenance
  • Hot water system issues
  • Gas installations, tests, and leak repairs
  • Drainage maintenance
  • Roofing leaks, replacements and conversions


The value of experienced plumbers

When you find yourself in an emergency, you want to deal with an experienced plumber. Not only do experienced professionals know how to go about an emergency in the right way, but they also have the experience to detect seemingly innocuous flaws on pipes and gas fittings during maintenance checks that can prevent costly and dangerous emergencies down the line.


We hire only the best plumbers in the area, who specialise in a range of services, from hot water systems, to emergency plumbing, to gas fitting and more. We not only help homes in Kingston, Moorabbin, and Mentone, but also service properties in Ormond, Mckinnon, Murrumbeena, and beyond. Give us a call on 0402 169 096 today to discuss your needs with our friendly team.