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Experiencing a high gas bill?

A leaking gas line can go unnoticed as they are usually located under ground, within walls, under floors or in ceilings. Our specialised equipment can identify if there is a gas leak at your house. Once identified, appropriate measures can be taken to eliminate the risk of danger to you and your family.

How hot is your water?

Hot water units store water at a minimum of 60 degrees Celcius. This water temperature can be dangerous particularly to young children and the elderly with the chance of skin burns occurring when your hot tap is used. The installation of a tempering valve at your hot water unit reduces the delivery temperature at each hot tap to 50 degrees, eliminating the risk of burning or scalding family members, especially young children and the elderly.

Too much water pressure?

Mixer taps, flexible hose connectors and appliances such as your dishwasher and washing machine are only rated and warranted to a water pressure of 500kpa. Most houses have a pressure much greater than this meaning a leak or burst could occur at any time causing serious damage to your house and appliances. The installation of a pressure reduction valve gives you the required pressure so that your taps, appliances and pipes have safe, trouble-free operation for years.

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