Need Assistance with Your Hot Water System in Ormond and Surrounds?

There are few things more frustrating than a shower head giving you nothing but ice-cold water when you step in the shower in the morning. Faults or leaks in hot water pipes can lead to scalding injuries and expensive property damages if left unchecked or handled unprofessionally.


For all you hot water system needs and more in Ormond, McKinnon, Murrumbeena and beyond, get in touch with Glen Eira’s trusted plumbers – helping you with a range of home care services from plumbing, to gas handling to roofing and more.


Are you experiencing a hot water system emergency?

We help residences and commercial properties alike with their hot water emergencies and other situations that need urgent care. Give us a call on 0402 169 096 for immediate service, 24/7.


If you are experiencing an emergency regarding your hot water system, it’s important that you get an expert in swiftly to fix the problem. Faults to hot water systems can lead to dangerous systems if attempted handled by inexperienced hands, and can lead to scalding injuries, extensive water damage or even explosions.


If you find yourself in a hot water emergency, call Ezy-Plumb today. Our plumbers are trained professionals in handling emergency hot water situations and are available to assist you 24/7.


Call us to find out whether you’ve got an emergency on your hands that needs immediate attention, or if it can wait till the morning.


Hot water system routine maintenance services and repairs

Making sure that your plumbing systems are well-maintained is the best way to avoid costly and potentially dangerous situations down the line. Regular check-ups by a professional plumber can ensure that seemingly innocuous flaws can be spotted and fixed before they grow into something more urgent.


For all your domestic and commercial hot water repairs and maintenance needs, Ezy-Plumbs will help you swiftly, affordably, and reliably. We’ll show up on time and complete the work on-budget.


Get in touch today to book in a maintenance appointment with your local plumber. We help homes and businesses in Ormond, McKinnon, Murrumbeena, Moorabbin, Mentone, , and across Melbourne keep their pipes happy and their water flowing. Give us a call on 0402 169 096 to discuss your needs with our friendly team.