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The 6 Most Common Questions About Gas Compliance Certificates

by | Oct 20, 2020 | Plumbing

While many of us will attempt to change a simple tap washer ourselves, fiddling with our gas plumbing is another matter entirely. That’s because while gas is a great and safe way to cook and heat, it becomes very hazardous once we’re fixing a gas line, installing a connection or appliance – or doing just about anything else involving your gas systems. So those charged with ensuring that gas work is done correctly came up with a solution – the gas compliance certificate. But how much do you know about it? Where do you get one? Do you always need one? What’s a gas compliance plate? Is the one I have still good enough?

That’s right: the gas certificate of compliance is as important as it is often confusing. But we’re here to help! For years now, Ezy-Plumb has been helping people and businesses just like you understand the ins and outs of your gas compliance certificate Melbourne wide. And in this quick guide, we’re here to help the rest of you!

1. Is Melbourne gas compliance just like everywhere else?

In Victoria, just like most other states, the credential you need is indeed called a gas compliance certificate. And whether the other states call it exactly that is irrelevant, because it’s always just the authorities’ way of knowing if your gas work has been done correctly. Like the other states, Victoria is serious about gas compliance, Gas fitters need to do their work in strict compliance with various rules and standards. It’s all in the name of safety for you and your family.

2. Who’s liable if I don’t have a gas compliance certificate?

If you’ve done the work yourself, or arranged to have it done by someone who isn’t a licensed gas fitter, you’re in trouble! But if your licensed gas fitter does the work improperly, they’re liable for – at the very least – rectification.

3. Where do I get my certificate?

If you’re getting gas work done by a licensed gas fitter, don’t worry – the onus is on them to give you your copy and let Victoria’s independent technical regulator know.

4. Do I even need one?

This requires a very quick and very stern answer: YES. In this state and all the others across Australia, just about all work relating to your gas systems including gas hot water systems, gas heaters, gas cooktop installation and others must be done by a licensed gas fitter. They’ll take care of the rest.

5. What about a gas compliance plate?

We know it’s confusing, but gas compliance plate is simply another state or jurisdiction’s way of referring to what is called a gas certificate in Melbourne.

6. I’m thinking about getting a ‘cheap’ job done

Another very fast and loud answer is required here: DON’T! Not only will your compliance certificate protect you in the event that your gas fitter mucks up, but they’ll also have to return and fix the job for free. And not just that, you’ll actually also be committing an offence under the Building Act 1993, you’ll lose your guarantee, and your work will never be able to be audited for compliance and quality.


Hopefully, our helpful guide about that handy and necessary gas certificate Melbourne wide has cleared up the confusion. But if you still have questions to ask, why not ask the best gas fitters in Melbourne’s Bayside region? The guys at Ezy-Plumb have attracted an enviable reputation based on getting gas work done safely and in full compliance every single day – so why not give us a call?

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