When It?s an Emergency, ?Plumber? Means ?Ezy-Plumb?

While it isn?t a red flag in many homeowner?s minds, many common issues with home water and gas systems can prove quite serious. This can lead to dangerous situations where problems, which really require immediate attention from a professional, are instead tackled amateurishly. Or worse, the fault is simply ignored until it reaches a critical mass. Ezy-Plumb have years of experience tending to gas and water systems in Brighton and Bentleigh, and we cannot stress enough the importance of qualified help in these urgent situations.


The Emergency Plumber ? experts at handling gas and water systems under pressure

Dangerous faults in hot water or gas systems represent a very real emergency. Plumbers are trained in the appropriate safety techniques for working on damaged hot water systems; don?t risk explosion or scalding leaks trying to fix these things without one. The hazards of trying home repairs on a gas system are even more apparent. As a qualified emergency plumber and gasfitter, Ezy-Plumb see it as our duty to spare our clients this difficult, risky work, and that?s why our team are on call 24/7 for jobs from Cheltenham to Sandringham.


Professional advice can make any problem a non-issue if you get in early 

Even with those faults that are less likely to threaten your personal health, anything that can potentially build to a disastrous gas or water leak must be considered a threat to your family home ? the most important investment in most homeowner?s lives. These problems are often hidden away underground or are generally difficult to detect, making it less likely that a professional will be called in time. If there?s any sign that makes you suspicious ? a gurgling drain, hot water that?s slow to come on ? consider getting a professional inspection sooner rather than later.


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